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Weekly ch-aviation Newsletter Headlines only Full Articles
View airport locations with Google Maps
Limited access to Airlines, Airports and News  
"News to go" - Ability to view multiple full news articles on one page  
Full access to all news articles including exclusive stories reported first by ch-aviation  
Unlimited access to Airline Module

Extended Search Options for over 7,490 Airlines
Historical Information (Launch/End/Merger details)
Stock Market Symbols
Fleet Summaries
Subsidiary and Parent Relationships
Regional Partners
Search Airlines by Alliance, Airline Type, Status
Search Airlines by Homebase, Country or Routes/Countries served
Search Airlines by Aircraft Type and/or Fleet Size
Legal Name, Address, Phone, LinkedIn page and E-Mail
Average Fleet and Subfleet age and total number of seats
Passenger Numbers and Financial Results
Alliance Membership and Details
Airline Start-Up Tracker
Create your own favourite lists to group News articles

Unlimited access to Airport Module

Extended Search Options for over 6,000 Airports
Airport Lists by State, Country or Continent
Airports nearby sorted by Distance
Aircraft Stored, Scrapped or Written Off at Airport

ch-aviation fleets advanced

Extensive Search Options for over 50,000 Aircraft
Construction/Manufacturer Serial Number Display
Immediate Access to Last Updates
Technical Aircraft Profiles with Operator Statistics
Country Register or Production List view
View Aircraft stored, written off, scrapped or not yet delivered
Aircraft Age
First Flight and Delivery Dates
Engine Details and Manufacturers
Seat Configuration for each Aircraft
First Flight and Delivery Dates
Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW)
Hexcode (Mode-S, ICAO 24-bit)
Search by Year Built, Seats and Aircraft Status
Filter results by Database Addition/Update Date
Utilisation Data (Flight Hours and Cycles, Average stage length, Daily/annual Utilisation)
Utilisation Forecast
Orders placed with Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, COMAC, Embraer and Irkut

  + 1,187.50 €
ch-aviation fleets ownership

Extensive Search Options for Aircraft Ownership by Lessor, Aircraft Portfolio and Engines
Lessor Portfolios
Special Purpose Vehicles
Lessor Customers
Lessor Senior Management Contacts
Aircraft Status, Manager, Owner and SPV by serial number
Current Market Values in USD and Market Lease Rates

  + 1,187.50 €
ch-aviation charter aircraft

Extensive Search Options for charter aircraft based on route requirements
Seat details
Distance to Departure and Arrival base
Cost Assumption
Shows technical stops
Features extensive charter manager contact details

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ch-aviation fleets history

Extensive Search Options for Aircraft History by Aircraft, Airline, and Aircraft Type
Full aircraft operator history for all active aircraft
Full aircraft operator history for all inactive aircraft from today up until 2000
Aircraft delivery numbers up until today
Former and Delivery Operator per Aircraft

  + 1,187.50 €
ch-aviation contacts

Extensive Search Options of senior airline management contacts for active and Start-Up airlines
Over 10,000 executive level contacts (Names, Titles, E-Mails, LinkedIn profiles)
"Who's on the move" - News updates covering new appointments, resignations and position changes

  + 1,187.50 €
ch-aviation schedules

Search 92,900 Routes by Continent, Country, State, Airport
Carrier, Alliance, Aircraft and Service Type Filters
Codeshares and Wet-Leases
Search 750 Airline Schedules by Continent, Country, State, Airport, Carrier, Alliance, Aircraft and Service Type Filters
Track all Route Network Changes for over 750 Airlines
Search by Continent, Country, State, Metro Group, Airport
Routes operated by Aircraft Type (incl. Regional Partners)
Weekly Route Network Updates in ch-aviation Newsletter
Full Airport Timetable in easily readable format
Departures/Arrivals mode for Airport timetables
Airlines by Airport Terminal

  + 687.50 €
ch-aviation capacity

Search Airline/Aircraft/Alliance market shares by Capacity, Frequency, ASK/ASM
Search Continent/Country/Airport market shares by Capacity, Frequency, ASK/ASM
Display results by Airline / Origin / Destination / Route
Filter by Cabin (Economy, Economy Plus/Comfort, Premium Economy, Business, First)

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ch-aviation pss

Reservation System Provider for each scheduled airline
Directory of Reservation System Providers and Airline customers

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