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To access Aircraft Utilisation Data, a ch-aviation pro + fleets subscription is required.

Aircraft Utilisation Data

  • About Aircraft Utilisation:
  • Aircraft Utilisation Data enables you to track utilisation data down to tail number level with flight hours and cycles, average stage length, daily/annual utilisation, and to search for aircraft by forecasted hours/cycles/thresholds



  • Get access to:
  • Flight hours and cycles for a specific tail number
  • Average stage length of each aircraft
  • Daily and annual utilisation for each aircraft
  • Forecasted utilisation data - hours/cycles/thresholds
  • Search by:
  • Operator Continent, Country, Region
  • Operator
  • Aircraft Type (Market Group, Manufacturer, Production Line, Aircraft Family, Aircraft Type, Aircraft Model, Aircraft Variant, Aircraft Role)
  • Aircraft (Aircraft Registration, Fleet Number, Line/Serial Number, Date Built, Date Delivered, Status, Substatus)
  • Engines (Manufacturers, Engine Type, Engine Subtype)
  • Ownership (Ownership Type, Owner, Owner/Manager/SPV)
  • Actual/Estimate/Forecast Source
  • Date Range