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To access Aircraft Historical Data, a ch-aviation pro + fleets + fleets history subscription is required.

Aircraft Historical Data

  • About Historical Aircraft Data:
  • Historical Aircraft Data enables you to search for full historical operator data down to an aircraft level
  • Find out how an aircraft changed operators during its lifetime or analyse a specific operator’s fleet growth over time



  • Get access to:
  • An operator’s fleet development overview
  • An operator’s fleet delivery by year (new, used, and overall aircraft deliveries)
  • Full aircraft operator history for all inactive aircraft from 2000 up to present day
  • An operator overview on an aircraft family level
  • Annual deliveries of a specific aircraft variant
  • Annual active aircraft by variant 



  • Search by:
  • Operator Continent, Country, Region
  • Operator
  • Aircraft Type ((Market Group, Manufacturer, Production Line, Aircraft Family, Aircraft Type, Aircraft Model, Aircraft Variant)
  • Aircraft (Aircraft Registration, Line/Serial Number)
  • Engines (Manufacturers, Engine Type, Engine Subtype)
  • Dates (As of Date, Date In, Date Out)