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To access detailed data on 65,430 commercial aircraft worldwide you need to purchase ch-aviation ch-aviation pro + ch-aviation fleets advanced.

ch-aviation fleets advanced includes:

  • Extensive Search Options for over 65,430 Aircraft
  • Construction/Manufacturer Serial Number Display
  • Former and Delivery Operator per Aircraft
  • Immediate Access to Last Updates
  • Technical Aircraft Profiles with Operator Statistics
  • Country Register or Production List view
  • View Aircraft stored, written off, scrapped, or not yet delivered
  • Aircraft Age
  • First Flight and Delivery Dates
  • Engine Details and Manufacturers
  • Seat Configuration for each Aircraft
  • In-Seat Video and In-Flight Connectivity Data
  • First Flight and Delivery Dates
  • Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW)
  • Hexcode (Mode-S, ICAO 24-bit)
  • Search by Year Built, Seats, and Aircraft Status
  • Filter results by Database Addition/Update Date
  • Aircraft History Data
  • Utilisation Data (Flight Hours and Cycles, Average stage length, Daily/annual Utilisation)
  • Utilisation Forecast
  • Aircraft availability (Lease, Sale or ACMI) provided by
  • Orders placed with the following manufacturers: Airbus, Airbus Canada, Avions de Transport Régional, Boeing, Cessna Aircraft Company, COMAC, De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Embraer, Ilyushin Design Bureau, Irkut and Viking Air. 

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