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To access detailed data on 2,900+ aircraft owners worldwide, a ch-aviation pro + fleets + fleets ownership subscription is required.

Aircraft Ownership Data

  • About Aircraft Ownership Data:
  • Our Aircraft Ownership Data gives you insight into who owns or manages a specific aircraft, the aircraft valuation estimate, full lessor portfolios, and aircraft financed through an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle)
  • We currently track more than 2,900 aircraft owners


  • Get access to:
  • Lessor portfolios (including general info, aircraft portfolio, aircraft orders, SPVs, customers, contacts, and news)
  • A detailed insight into the profiles of 2,900 different aircraft owners
  • Aircraft valuations: current market value and market lease rate
  • List of aircraft owners by the number of aircraft owned or managed
  • Details on average portfolio age
  • Details on specific serial numbers and aircraft statuses
  • Info on a specific aircraft's serial number, its manager, its owner, and its SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle)
  • Info on where and with which operator(s) an owner has placed their aircraft
  • An immediate overview of the operator and the lessors it works with
  • A full overview of the SPVs in use
  • A quick overview of an operator’ fleet ownership structure
  • Info on confirmed, minimum confirmed, and estimated Lease-End Dates  



  • Search by:
  • Lessor
  • Continent, Country
  • Aircraft Portfolio (Market Group, Manufacturer, Aircrft Family, Aircraft, Aircraft Type, Aircraft Model, Aircraft Variant)
  • Engines (Manufacturer, Engine Type, Engine Subtype)
  • Aircraft Role
  • Number of aircraft in portfolio
  • Registration Country
  • Aircraft Owner/Manager
  • Aircraft Ownership Type
  • Aircraft Owner/Manager/SPV/Registered Trust
  • Aircraft Operating Lease End Date
  • Current Aircraft Market Value
  • Aircraft Market Lease Rate