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To access Operator Contacts, a ch-aviation pro + contacts subscription is required.

Operator Contacts

  • About Operator Contacts:
  • Access to our operator contacts gives you a detailed contacts overview for almost any active as well as start-up operators worldwide
  • We currently track more than 10,000 senior management personnel across the globe
  • Operator contacts are verified daily and updated monthly
  • ch-aviation Operator Contacts can be downloaded (Excel, CSV, JSON)


  • Get access to:
  • Over 10,000 executives listed by name and job title with their corresponding email and/or LinkedIn profile IDs
  • Exclusive access to “Who’s on the move” news: updates on new appointments, resignations and job changes
  • Continuously verified and updated contacts 


  • Search by: 
  • Company (Operator Name or Code, Alliance, Operator Type, Status, List/Favourites, IOSA)
  • Location (Region, Continent, Country, Subdivision, Metro Group, Homebase/Airport)
  • Contact (First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Job Group)
  • Fleet (Market Group, Manufacturer, Aircraft Family, Aircraft Type, Aircraft Model, Aircraft Variant, Number of Aircraft in Fleet, Total Seats in Fleet, Aircraft Seat Range)
  • Engines (Manufacturer, Engine Type, Engine Subtype)