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To access Charter Aircraft Data, a ch-aviation pro + charter aircraft subscription is required.

Charter Aircraft Data

  • About Charter Aircraft Data:
  • Charter Aircraft Data enables you to find charter aircraft available on a global scale,  and get in touch with its operator to inquire about the aircraft’s availability
  • Our database pairs every eligible operator and aircraft that fits your criteria, giving you the edge over your competitors


  • Get access to:
  • Detailed aircraft/operator data
  • Sample registration (aircraft type, aircraft model, age)
  • Info on the number of seats available on the aircraft in question
  • Range details (overall range, technical stop requirements, initial assumed cost, distance, total flying time estimate)
  • Name and contact details of the charter manager




  • Search by:
  • Route (Departure Airport, Arrival Airport)
  • Passenger Capacity (Premium, Economy)
  • Operator Name/Code
  • Max. Stops
  • Range Type
  • Oldest Desired YOM
  • IOSA Certification