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To access detailed data on 8,000+ airports worldwide, a ch-aviation pro subscription is required.

Airport Data

  • About Airport Data:
  • ch-aviation Airport Data enables you access to 8,000+ airport profiles worldwide (commercially served or otherwise relevant)
  • Data includes operators-based as well as aircraft-stored




  • Get access to:
  • Full airport profiles and general info
  • The airport’s exact location on maps and get direct links to its Google Earth location
  • A list of airports nearby sorted by distance from the selected airport
  • Statistics on aircraft that are stored or that have been scrapped or written off at the airport
  • A list of all carriers with a crew base at the airport
  • Operator list sorted by terminal used
  • Terminal information
  • Crew base info
  • News articles mentioning the airport


  • Search by:
  • Name or airport code
  • Location (Continent, Country, Subdivision, Metro Group)