ch-aviation PRO

To access Accidents and Incidents Data, a ch-aviation pro + accidents and incidents subscription is required.

  • About Accidents and Incidents Data:
  • The Accidents and Incidents data offers a comprehensive overview of accidents and incidents by operator and/ or aircraft variant
  • Accident/Incident information data is provided by the Flight Safety Foundation.
  • Aircraft and Loss Main Category and Subcategory are provided based on ch-aviation fleet/loss data.
  • ch-aviation Accidents and Incidents Data can be downloaded (Excel, CSV, JSON)


  • Get access to:
  • Detailed overview of an aircraft accident/incident on a tail level, including Operator details, Aircraft details, Casualties, Flight Nature/Phase, Event Location, Origin, Destination, Event Profile including Damage Type, Loss Category/Subcategory and the explanation of the event together with an original source.


  • Search by:
  • Accident/Incident (Category, Casualties, Occupants, Nature, Damage, Phase, Loss Category/Subcategory)
  • Geographical Location (Operator Continent/Country/Region, Accident/Incident Continent/Country/Location, Flight Origin, Flight Destination)
  • Operator (Operator, Operator Type)
  • Aircraft Type (Market Group, Manufacturer, Production Line, Aircraft Family, Variant)
  • Aircraft (Registration, Line/Serial Number, Block Number)
  • Dates (Accident Date, Date Built, Delivery Date, Age)