Frequently Asked Questions on ch-aviation - News

ch-aviation offers you a very user friendly interface targeted at consumers, professionals and enthusiasts alike to search, read and discuss general, route and fleet news. We have answered the most frequently asked questions below and hope this will address any immediate questions you may have on our aircraft section of the site:


How do I use the news search form?

You can combine any of the search criteria on the form and select if you would like to see general news, route news and/or fleet news. When you use the carrier filter, you can either type in the carrier name or IATA/ICAO code of the airline, for the airport filter you can enter either city/airport name or the IATA/ICAO code of the airport. If you for example search for carrier “AF” (Air France) and Airport “JNB” (Johannesburg), then the news search result will show any news records containing Air France and Johannesburg (as a destination for example).


How can I create Favorites List?

Click on Airline profile and mark the star next to Airline's name. This will open a small pop-up allowing you to add airline to a Favorites List. 


How can I filter news to show my favorite airlines only?

First create a list of your favorite airlines. Then, from the News Search function, choose appropriate list name from List/Favorites drop down menu. Click search and there you are.