Nepal's grounded Guna Airlines (RMK, Kathmandu) has failed a Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) financial audit, according to the Bizmandu news portal. The audit followed the aviation agency grounding the airline in mid-February over claims of financial difficulties, including not paying salaries.

According to the CAAN, Guna Airlines has not paid its employees for over three months and also owes the authority NPR4 million Nepalese rupees (USD30,250) in fees.

"The audit we conducted a few days ago showed that the financial condition of the company is weak," said CAAN spokesman Jagannath Niraula."We have already written to the company."

Neither CAAN nor Guna Airlines responded to ch-aviation's request for comment before publication deadline.

Guna Airlines is a subsidiary of a Nepalese entity called Guna Group. Both are chaired by Rajendra Shakya who has had a varied business career across the retail, media, and transport sectors. Shakya needs clearance from the CAAN to proceed with plans to sell Guna's five BAe Jetstream 41s and replace them with more efficient aircraft. However, Bizmandu reported that permission will not be forthcoming unless it settles its debts with the agency.