Salt Cay Airport has been closed to all commercial traffic until further notice after the Turks and Caicos Islands Civil Aviation Authority (TCICAA) allowed its Aerodrome Certificate to lapse as of June 26.

The airfield's only known scheduled operator, Caicos Express Airways (9Q, Providenciales), said in a statement that as a consequence, it had suspended all flights to Salt Cay as of July 7.

"The Turks & Caicos Islands Civil Aviation Authority exercised its power to not renew the Certificate due to longterm concerns relating to the condition of the runway surface and related infrastructure," it said. "Further, it is the position of the TCIAA to restrict public transport operations into the Salt Cay Aerodrome in the interest of safety. As the holder of an Air Operating Certificate (AOC), we are prohibited from operating into an uncertified aerodrome."

Caicos Express Airways ran a 3x weekly Grand Turk Island-Salt Cay return service using its fleet of Cessna (twin turboprop) 402s.