Indian business charter broker and aircraft management company JetSetGo (Delhi International) has started selling scheduled flights under its virtual brand SkyShuttle by JetSetGo (Delhi International), the Economic Times has reported. The flights are operated by third-party airlines as JetSetGo does not hold an own Air Operator's Certificate (AOC).

The company's initial route connects Mumbai International with Bengaluru HAL and is served daily. SkyShuttle also sells scheduled helicopter services out of Mumbai Juhu to each of Tarapur and Vapi.

"These will essentially be flights with luxuries of a business jet flight but with a schedule. So, a passenger will not have to be at the airport two hours before the flight and will be saving time in Bengaluru too because our flight will be landing at the old airport in Bengaluru that is within the city," founder Kanika Tekriwal said.

Depending on demand, the airline will charter various aircraft seating between six and 14 passengers. It will also use dynamic pricing.

The start-up project, which is backed with INR120 million rupees (USD1.6 million) in launch capital, is looking to expand to new routes within the next few months.

"We plan to launch two more sectors in November and are exploring Bangalore-Kadapa, Chennai-Madurai, and Kolkata-Jamshedpur routes," Tekriwal said.

In the future, SkyShuttle also plans to expand its Vertical Take-Off capabilities, both by using more helicopters and other equipment currently under development.

In terms of its business model, SkyShuttle eyes pricing at a level comparable with peak hour business class seat on existing airlines.