• Amami O Shima City
ch-aviation PRO users have full access to:
  • Full profiles on over 6,000 airports worldwide
  • Detailed Airport statistics
  • Exclusive Airline News
  • Airline Profiles including Airline contact details, Financials, Fleet overview and Partnership information
  • Comprehensive and Worldwide Airline Start-Up Tracker
  • Full Airline Search options
ch-aviation PRO users also have the option to subscribe to other ch-aviation modules such as:
  • ch-aviation fleets: Detailed production lists and aircraft details as well as engine information
  • ch-aviation contacts: Extensive database of Senior Airline Management contacts
  • ch-aviation schedules: Worldwide airline schedule and route network data
  • ch-aviation capacity: Comprehensive tool for worldwide airline capacity and frequency analysis
  • ch-aviation pss: Directory of Airline Passenger Services Systems and their customers
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