Port Said Airport, the aerodrome that serves the city of Port Said, Egypt, at the north end of the Suez Canal, resumed commercial flight operations on Saturday, July 17, 2021, after a six-year hiatus, according to local news reports.

Petroleum Air Services (UF, Cairo Int'l), the fixed-and rotor-wing oil industry support services supplier, was the first airline to land at Port Said on a domestic flight with a DHC-8-Q300 carrying 50 passengers from Cairo Int'l to Sharm el Sheikh, according to a statement by the airline.

Domestic flights are to be operated from Port Said Airport to Sharm el-Sheikh, Taba, and Marsa Alam, with international flights to Eastern Europe.

Situated at 2.4m above MSL and about 6km outside of the city of Port Said, the airport's single hard surface runway of 2,349 x 45 metres runs along a strip of land between the sea and Lake Manzala.

Speaking at a reception to mark the re-opening, Civil Aviation Minister Mohamed Manar said it was of economic significance because of the airport's location at the northern end of the Suez Canal. He said the airport would boost investment and tourism in the governorates of the Suez Canal region and the harbour cities of Port Said and Damietta. The region is considered an important commercial centre in the Middle East and North Africa. Manar also promised his ministry was working to provide support to private Egyptian airlines.