FlyArna (ACY, Yerevan) will start flight operations in April/May 2022, the head of the Armenian National Interests Fund (ANIF), David Papazian, told a press conference in Yerevan last week.

"FlyArna will begin operations in April or May 2022. First, flights to about four destinations will be operated, then both the list of destinations and the number of airports will expand," he was quoted as saying by local media. "Then we will have two planes. And in a year (i.e., 2023), we will have 12 planes."

FlyArna is a joint venture between ANIF and Air Arabia (G9, Sharjah). The Emirati-based budget airline will provide the start-up with management and operational resources, presumably A320-200 jets. Given its co-parent's heritage, FlyArna will also operate in the LCC space.