Peruvian Airlines (P9, Lima Int'l) is considering offering flights to Miami Int'l and New York JFK in the longterm as part of its regional and international growth plans. Deputy general manager, Alfonso Nunez, told Peru's La Razón newspaper that his airline's immediate goals involved the launch of its first external flights - to Chile and Bolivia - in the next two months.

"We will offer a route that connects Lima Int'l, Tacna, Iquique and Santiago de Chile Int'l, in the case of flights to Chile, and Lima, and Cuzco with La Paz El Alto, in the case of services to Bolivia," he said.

As previously reported, the airline is currently in the process of securing its Chilean Air Operators Certificate which would allow it to operate both domestic Chilean as well as international flights.

Presently, Peruvian is an exclusively domestic carrier operating four B737-200Advs, five B737-300s, one B737-400, and one B737-500. Nunez said the launch of US flights would require the airline to take on an additional B737-400 and B737-500.

Peruvian is a 40/60 joint venture between Irish firm, Aztech Corp, and local businessman, Alberto López, which bought the operation from disgraced former tycoon, César Cataño, in June 2012.