Odengene Air Shuttle Services (OHS, Lagos) took delivery of its maiden fixed wing aircraft, an E135, this past weekend as part of plans to enter the Nigerian charter market in partnership with French firm Regourd Aviation (Paris Le Bourget).

“Our parent company 'Odengene Air Shuttle Services Ltd' had from inception sub-divided its airline services to cater for helicopters and airplanes. The helicopters' was named OAS Helicopters, while the fixed-wing is to be simply known as Odengene Air,” The chairman and CEO of OAS, Captain Evarest Nnaji, told a press conference in Lagos last week. "We patiently waited until we found a partner with Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) standard which has verifiable track record, operating for oil and gas companies around the world, which is Regourd Aviation that has enviable goodwill in charter services business."

Nnaji said the venture will target Nigeria's petroleum and VIP sectors and will leverage Regourd Aviation's experience in Africa through its EquaFlight Service (E7, Pointe Noire) and EquaJet (EKJ, Brazzaville) operations in the Republic of Congo and Afric Aviation (EKG, Port Gentil) in Gabon.