Atlasjet Airlines (KK, Antalya) is to rebrand as AtlasGlobal (KK, Istanbul New) with effect from April of this year. The move, according to chairman Ali Murat Ersoy, will better reflect the Group's growing international business perspective.

"We started our venture with only two planes, and now there are twenty-two in our fleet. The groundwork necessary for the renewal of our fleet in the near future, along with expansion and diversification of our domestic and international route networks will soon come about," he told a news conference last week. "Our development strategy is focused not only on Turkey, but also on various other parts of the world. That is why we have decided to switch to operating under the AtlasGlobal brand."

In addition to serving destinations located throughout Turkey, the Mediterranean, the CIS, and Europe, AtlasGlobal also operates subsidiaries in other countries including Jet One (Almaty) in Kazakhstan and Atlasjet UA (UH, Lviv) in Ukraine.