US defence contractor AGD Systems (Boca Raton) is planning to return six L-1011-500s, formerly in service with the Royal Air Force (RFR, Brize Norton), to commercial service.

“The six Tristars were released from service with the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense (MoD) in March 2014," AGD's CEO, Mark Daniels, said. "Following the MoD release, the aircraft are currently undergoing inspections to return them to civilian operation for military contract services, with the first one ready in June 2015."

Four of the aircraft are designated aerial refueling tankers with a NATO (OAN, Geilenkirchen) standard drogue system while the remaining two aircraft are configured for cargo, passenger and medivac missions.

According to the ch-aviation aircraft database, though the trijets are all in storage at ICAO!EG74 in the United Kingdom, they have already been transferred to the US registry as N304CS (msn 193V-1157), N309CS (msn 193V-1165), N405CS (msn 193V-1164), N507CS (msn 193Y-1186), N703CS (msn 193Y-1188), and N705CS (msn 193N-1174).

AGD plans to contract out the jets to NATO as well as the US and UK defence forces where they will be used for refuelling, cargo, and global personnel and medivac missions.