Indonesia's Ministry of Transportation (MOT) says it has revoked the Air Operators Certificates (AOC) of six local carriers - Asconusa Air Transport (Jakarta Halim), Air Maleo (Jakarta Halim), Manunggal Air (MNS, Jakarta Halim), Nusantara Buena Air (Medan Soewondo), New Jatayu Air (Batam) and Survai Udara Penas (Jakarta Halim) - for failing to comply with laws governing the minimum number of aircraft commercial operators are required to have.

Indonesia's Law No.1 of 2009 states scheduled operators are required to operate at least ten aircraft of which five must be owned by the carrier. On the other hand, charter operators are required to operate at least three aircraft one of which must be owned.

Though promulgated almost six years ago, the law has never been fully enforced - until now. Upon assuming his position in January this year, Transportation Minister Ignatius Jonan gave local operators until June 30 to comply with the law, later extending the deadline to July 31.

He said in a statement last week that as the affected carriers had shown no intention of meeting the deadline for compliance, each would be required to undergo recertification should they wish to resume operations.

The revocation is effective August 1 with each operator's Air Transport License to be cancelled in due course.