Tristar Air (TSY, Cairo Int'l) has been forced to suspend operations following the crash of its sole aircraft, a 35 year-old A300BF, about 22km northwest of Mogadishu Airport on Tuesday, October 13.

SU-BMZ (cn 129) was in-bound into the Somali capital as flight TSY810 routed from Ostend via Cairo Int'l when problems with its landing gear forced it to make several approaches into Mogadishu all of which were unsuccessful. With inadequate fuel reserves on-board, the aircraft could not divert. It subsequently ran out of fuel resulting in the forced landing.

Of the six crew on-board, none were seriously injured although the aircraft is a write-off.

Incorporated in 1998, the Egyptian cargo operator specializes in the haulage of freight between Europe and Africa and had been ferrying United Nations-related goods at the time of the accident.