Andorra Airlines (Montferrer) has announced plans to commence scheduled passenger operations from April of this year. Using a fleet of ATR42/72 turboprops, Andorra Airlines plans to serve Madrid Barajas, Palma de Mallorca, Porto, and Paris CDG initially before expanding to Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Holland.

The CEO of the company is Jorge Soriano while the Vice President is Heloisa Oliveira.

The start-up will operate out of Montferrer airport which, while used by the principality of Andorra, is actually located in Spain. There it will compete with another start-up - Air Andorra (Montferrer) - which has been in the process of initiating operations for the past three years but with no success thus far.

The two have already met in court after Air Andorra filed an objection against Andorra Airlines' name. The former accuses the latter of infringing its commercial rights by using a similar name. The case is currently ongoing.