Seawings (J6, Dubai Creek SPB) has entered the regional Arabian market following the recent launch of an air taxi service which connects central business and leisure destinations throughout the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar.

Twenty six landing locations can be used, including convenient city locations and all the region's airports. International transfers are handled through the UAE's major international airports and through Muscat in Oman and Doha Hamad Int'l in Qatar.

“The vision behind Air Taxi is to make private travel faster and more convenient for both business and leisure travellers," Stuart Wheeler, Seawings Chief Executive Officer, said. "By touching down in the heart of a city, the service saves passengers considerable time versus business class travel from major airports.”

A virtual carrier, Seawings employs three Cessna (single turboprop) 208 Caravan amphibians chartered from sister firm, Jet-Ops (J6, Dubai Creek SPB).

Aside from its new Air Taxi product, it also offers sightseeing flights around Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as ad-hoc charter operations throughout the UAE. Given the seasonality of the market, the carrier is also looking to expand abroad through partnerships with other airlines.