ASL Airlines France (5O, Paris CDG) has secured exemption authority and, tentatively, a Foreign Air Carrier Permit (FACP) from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) thus paving the way for its to begin commercial flights to the United States.

The ASL Aviation Group unit is now allowed to conduct regular and chartered, passenger and cargo flights from any point or points behind any Member State of the European Union, via any point or points in any Member State and via intermediate points, to any point or points in the United States and beyond.

Originally, ASL Airlines France had planned to operate scheduled and charter flights between Paris CDG and Providence, Rhode Island via Shannon between May and September of this year. Operations were to have been on-board B737-700 equipment.

Formerly Europe Airpost (5O, Paris CDG), ASL Airlines France already conducts transatlantic flights serving Halifax, Canada from its Paris CDG hub via Dublin Int'l.