In an effort to curb excessive strain on the country's infrastructure, the Vietnamese government has proposed limiting to eighty-nine, the number of additional aircraft the country's four largest airlines can purchase up to 2020.

According to the official Vietnamese News Service, the proposal is one of several contained in a draft of the country's Strategy on Development of Air Transportation Products and Civil Reserve Air Fleet 2016-2020 currently before the Ministry of Transport for consideration.

Government is concerned about a growing lack of apron space available at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City airports which is expected to worsen over the coming years as air travel becomes more accessible. Official estimates indicate the aviation sector has been growing by 20% per annum for several years now.

As such, if the proposal is adopted, Vietnam will have 230 commercial aircraft, an increase of eighty-nine over the current fleet of 141, come 2020. Depending on when they have scheduled their orders to arrive, Vietnam Airlines (including SkyViet Aviation) along with VietJetAir and Jetstar Pacific may, therefore, be required to modify their respective aircraft order books which, at present, stand at 114, fifty-five, and thirty.