Luxaviation Helicopters (Luxembourg) has announced that it has acquired UK helicopter management company Starspeed (Fairoaks) making it the world's largest VIP helicopter operator, according to its press statement.

Luxaviation Helicopters was launched in February as a subsidiary of Luxaviation (LXA, Luxembourg), and this acquisition is its first since forming. Luxaviation Helicopters will incorporate Starspeed's fleet of 23 helicopters into its own, bringing its total number of managed rotary-wing aircraft to 42.

"By joining Luxaviation Helicopters, a worldwide operator, we have found a cost effective and efficient way to expand and strengthen the foundation services we provide, including efficient charter flights, exclusive VIP charter services, instrument rating and conversion training for qualified pilots wishing to extend their skills," said Simon Mitchell, Director and Accountable manager, Starspeed.

Under the deal, Starspeed will retain its identity and staff, but will have access to back office support from Luxaviation.

"We want to work with established, well-respected local companies across the globe, like Starspeed, who can support our customers," said Patrick Hansen, CEO of Luxaviation Group. "This is a great opportunity for us to grow the two businesses and develop the helicopter market together."

The Luxaviation Group comprises Luxaviation Belgium, Luxaviation France, Luxaviation Germany, Luxaviation Portugal, and Luxaviation UK.