The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has confirmed it will now move to revoke Baltia Air Lines, Inc.'s certificate of public convenience and necessity, authorizing it to run scheduled foreign flights, for reason of dormancy.

In a statement, the government regulator said the start-up carrier had not responded to a letter sent to it in September 2017 reminding it that it risked losing the authorization should it fail to use it. Additionally, the DOT said the Federal Aviation Administration had also confirmed that Baltia has also withdrawn its application for an Air Carrier Certificate (ACC).

Baltia was granted scheduled foreign authority in 2009 so as to conduct regular flights between New York and St. Petersburg, Russia. Under US regulations, the authority must be made effective within one-year of its issuance.

However, given protracted delays in its certification and launch, Baltia, now trading as USGlobal Airways (BTL, Newburgh), has been unable to comply with the terms of the awardance thus leading to its revocation.

In November, Baltia announced a proposed plan to acquire Songbird Airways (5K, Lakeland) and all its operating certificates from AerLine Holdings LLC, had been called off for reasons unknown.