TAAG Angola Airlines (DT, Luanda) has announced it will introduce a tariff management mechanism to help reduce fares across its domestic network.

The state-owned carrier had faced protests in cities across Angola after a Central Bank decision in January to float the kwanza resulted in it losing almost 30% of its value. This, in turn, drove up prices of domestic goods including TAAG's flights whose fares are pegged to the US dollar. In some cases, citizens argued local sectors had become more expensive than regional flights to South Africa and Sao Tome & Principe.

In a statement to the official Angop news agency, TAAG said its board of directors had "approved the introduction of a new tariff model", based on a mechanism for managing variable fares.

"This new model of tariff management will allow our dear customers, who purchase their ticket well in advance, to benefit from a reduction that can vary between 10% and 20% below the current price," it said.

TAAG added that the measure will apply to all TAAG domestic routes, with the exception of flights to Cabinda, which already benefit from a special tariff approved by the Government and which came into force in January.