The Taiwanese Government is drawing up plans to potentially punish foreign carriers that have acquiesced to Beijing's demands that the island be formally designated as either “China Taiwan” or the “China Taiwan region”.

Earlier this year, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) instructed 44 carriers serving the country to change their descriptions of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan to being provinces of China or risk unspecified sanctions.

Following the passing of a July 25 deadline, 40 international airlines made the adjustment while four - American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, and United Airlines - have refused to comply.

Incensed by Beijing's attempts at undergoing in sovereignty, the Taiwanese Ministry of Transportation and Communications has begun drawing up measures to penalize the 40 airlines while benefitting those that amend their stance.

Ministry sources told the Taipei-based United Daily News that among the measures being considered include depriving offending airlines of access to telescopic bridges at Taipei Taoyuan and other Taiwanese gateways as well as changing their takeoff and landing slot times. Other options include reducing or eliminating landing fees and facility charges for airlines that switch to a more neutral wording for Taiwan.

The Ministry refused to comment on the report.