Delta Air Lines (DL, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson) deployed its fleet of A220-100s into revenue service on Thursday, February 7, following a week-long delay brought on by the recent US government shutdown.

The airline had originally intended to deploy the type into service on January 31 but was forced to delay that date as no US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials were available to complete the type's addition to Delta's OpSpecs.

The airline said in a statement that its first official service with the A220-100 was as flight DL744 between New York La Guardia and Boston conducted by N102DU (msn 50021).

"We have big plans for this aircraft," Chuck Imhof, Vice President - New York and Sales, East, said. "It will be an integral part of our future domestic fleet and will deliver an experience our customers will look forward to every time they fly."

ch-aviation research shows Delta has four A220s in active service at present time. It has a further thirty-six on order from C Series Aircraft coupled with fifty A220-300s.