Alrosa Aviakompania (6R, Mirnyj) has ended Tu-134 operations following the retirement of its last active aircraft of the type on Wednesday, May 22.

According to the airline, RA-65693 (msn 63221) conducted its last revenue service as flight 6R 693 Mirnyj-Novosibirsk. It will shortly be donated to the Museum of Aviation History at Novosibirsk Airport.

Alrosa was the last remaining scheduled operator of the type in Russia as it is with the Tu-154M (of which it still operates one). Aside from the Tupolev Design Bureau trijet, it also operates two B737-700s, three -800s, one An-2, three An-24RVs, one An-26-100, one An-38-100, two Il-76TDs, and sixteen Mil Helicopters.

According to the ch-aviation fleets module, other civilian Tu-134 operators around the world include Meridian Air, PremierAvia, and Sirius-Aero in Russia, Syrianair, Air Koryo in North Korea, Jet Airlines in Kazakhstan, and Dove Air Services in Sudan.