The Maltese Minister of Transport, Konrad Mizzi, says that the government is considering using Malta MedAir (MM, Malta Int'l) as a platform for growth if labour disputes continue to blight Air Malta (KM, Malta Int'l).

In a Facebook statement in Maltese, Mizzi said that the government's objective was to grow air traffic from the island, including long-haul expansion.

"We want Air Malta to grow. But if it is not in a position [to do so]… the option is there. The government’s objective must be reached. We love Air Malta and are going to keep it alive, but our economy is more important," Mizzi was quoted as saying by the Times of Malta.

The Maltese flag carrier is currently embroiled in a dispute with pilot unions which demand improved salaries and other changes to the employment terms. Mizzi called the position of the unions "ridiculous" and said that the government would not "give in to any blackmail". As a part of the debate, the pilots started a strike wherein they delay morning departures by some 30 minutes but were barred from continuing these actions through a court injunction.

Malta MedAir was set up by the Maltese government in 2018 to warehouse valuable landing slots currently in use by Air Malta. The slots were then valued at EUR58 million euros (USD65 million). In order to preserve its AOC, Malta MedAir is currently operating a single A320-200 on behalf of Air Malta.

The Maltese government previously said that it had no plans to develop Malta MedAir into a fully-fledged independent carrier.