Sveaflyg (Örebro) has announced in a press release that it will add its first Saab 2000 in October 2019 and plans to have three such turboprops within the next six months.

"Sveaflyg has since its inception had inquiries on flights requiring aircraft with capacity corresponding to Saab 2000s such as range, speed, and the number of seats. We see great opportunities to also fly several ACMI flights across Europe, where we help other airlines with temporary capacity," the carrier said.

Sveaflyg's Saab 2000s will be equipped with 50 seats. The initial aircraft will be SE-LOM (msn 2000-035), a 23.4-year-old unit formerly operated by SkyWork Airlines (SX, Berne), ch-aviation has learned from CEO Jimmy Nilsson.

The Swedish regional virtual carrier currently charters a single Saab 340B from its technical partner, Lipican Aer (LIP, Portoroz). The aircraft, SE-ISG (msn 340B-162), is currently inactive. Sveaflyg previously used it for ACMI operations, as well as for scheduled flights between Stockholm Arlanda and Visby in the Summer 2018 season.

Editorial Comment: Added the details of the first aircraft. - 22.07.2019 - 06:26 UTC