FedEx Express (FX, Memphis Int'l) is planning to retire all of its remaining MD-10 dedicated freighters by the end of 2022, with all remaining MD-10-10(F)s due to leave already in 2021.

The carrier revealed in its quarterly results that it plans to retire five MD-10-10(F)s between November 30, 2020, and the end of 2021. Out of this quintet, one aircraft was already retired in late December 2020. The remaining four aircraft are 45.4 years old and remain in service for the time being.

Out of the existing fleet of thirteen MD-10-30(F)s, three are set for retirement in 2021 and the remaining ten in 2022. The aircraft are 38.6 years old on average. All seventeen MD-10(F)s are owned by the cargo specialist.

According to the ch-aviation fleets advanced module, throughout its history, FedEx operated a total of forty-three DC-10-10s, forty-one DC-10-10(F)s, eight DC-10-10CFs, seven DC-10-30(F)s, four DC-10-30CFs, sixty-two MD-10-10(F)s, and eighteen MD-10-30(F)s. The carrier also operates fifty-four MD-11Fs, which it does not plan to retire anytime before 2026.

The airline also confirmed that it plans to resume taking delivery of B777-Fs and will also host its first nine Cessna 408s in 2022.