Vologda Air Enterprise (VGV, Vologda) signed a letter of intent with GTLK - State Transport Leasing for the lease of three Il-114-300s during the ongoing MAKS 2021 International Aviation and Space Salon in Moscow.

The Ilyushin Design Bureau turboprops will deliver in 2023 under a concessional leasing program and will be used to partially replace the airline's Yakovlev Aircraft Corporation fleet.

Vologda Air Enterprise currently operates a fleet of fifteen Mil Helicopters and six Yak-40s from bases at Vologda, Moscow Vnukovo, and Zhukovsky airports. It specialises in medevac flights throughout the Arkhangelsk, Moscow, Murmansk, and Yaroslavl regions, the republics of Karelia and Komi, and Krasnodar. It also offers scheduled flights from Vologda, a major transport hub in Russia's Northwestern district, to Moscow Vnukovo and St. Petersburg.