The CEO of Asia Cargo Network will start swapping out B737-300(F)s for B737-800(BCF)s according to a Cargo Facts report. Asia Cargo Network operates four airline brands - Asia Cargo Airlines, MENA Cargo Airlines, RGA-Black Stone Airlines, and World Cargo Airlines.

Group Chief Executive Marco Isaak confirmed the fleet change plans at an event in Singapore last week. “I’m extremely comfortable with the B737-800,” he said. Across its four airlines, Air Cargo Network has 12 aircraft including five B737-300Fs at Asia Cargo Airlines with an average fleet age of 27 years; one inactive 30.8-year-old B737-400(F) and two active B737-800BCFs (aged 12.72 and 22.99 years respectively) at World Cargo Airlines; one 26.6 year old B737-300F at MENA Cargo Airlines; and three B737-300Fs with an average fleet age of 25.8 years at RGA-Black Stone Airlines.

At the same event, Isaak said he expected the Middle East to drive the company's short to medium term growth. Last year, to secure a foothold in that market, Asia Cargo Network spent USD135 million to secure a 49% stake in MAE Aircraft Management, the parent company of MENA Airlines in Bahrain. Isaak suggests it was money well spent, saying having that local air operator's certificate will give Asia Cargo Network a competitive edge when pursuing growth opportunities in the Middle East.