Cyprus Airways (CY, Larnaca) has dropped plans to buy six A220s, CEO Tasos Michael told Aviation Week, saying problems with their Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbo Fan engines had significantly impacted the carrier and were the primary reason for the decision.

“If it hadn’t been for Pratt & Whitney, we would have been profitable this year," he said. "All aircraft have teething problems, but in a small airline you need to manage within your means and we may take more A320s until the A220s have a final fix, which will be in 2027.”

Cyprus Airways presently operates two A220-300s, both leased from Air Lease Corporation until mid-2035. One is currently out of service with two more to arrive over the current Northern Hemisphere summer and a final two in early 2025. Cyprus Airways also operates a pair of A320-200s. However, twelve months ago, Michael disclosed plans to double the number of A220s to 12 and was planning a direct order with Airbus to cover the difference. But the CEO says the ongoing problems with the A220s' powerplants had led him to rethink that idea. Delivery delays for the two A220s due this summer have also forced Cyprus Airways to adjust its schedule in recent weeks, being a reduction in flight frequencies rather than outright route cancellations.

"Despite our proactive efforts to mitigate the impact of this delay, including seeking alternative solutions with ACMI and closely collaborating with travel agents, the current situation has compelled us to adjust our schedule," reads a July 4 statement from the carrier.

Despite this, Michael says the A220 remains an important part of the Cyprus Airways fleet, particularly during the winter season when it becomes harder to fill an A320 or A321. As the fleet expands, the intention is to fly at least daily to all major destinations within the network, which currently includes cities across the Mediterranean, in particular Greece, and around half a dozen airports in Western Europe as well as Dubai International.