Air Sénégal (HC, Dakar Blaise Diagne International) has been included in a line-up of state-owned companies targeted for an in-depth financial audit ordered by Senegal's new president, Bassirou Diomaye Faye.

According to numerous Senegalese news reports, Faye has instructed the country's public spending watchdog (l'Inspection générale d’État - IGE) to look into the financial management of all state-owned companies and agencies as part of a first phase of large-scale financial audits.

In a circular, Faye asked government ministers to submit by July 1 a complete update of the administrative and financial situation of departments under their supervision, the Senegalese weekly Le Témoin reported. Recruitments, contracts, and agreements concluded with external service providers for the years 2022 to 2024 are also under the spotlight.

ch-aviation has reached out to Air Sénégal for comment.

Also among the state-owned entities being scrutinised is the new USD1.3 billion Regional Express Train (TER) project to modernise transportation and reduce traffic in the capital Dakar. TER is operated separately from the national railway network. Another is Dakar Blaise Diagne International Airport.

Others include the special energy sector support fund (Fonds Spécial de Soutien au Secteur de l'Energie - FSE), the national investment promotion agency (Agence de promotion des investissements et des grands travaux - Apix), the national refinery (Société africaine de raffinage - SAR), the national lottery (la Loterie nationale sénégalaise - Lonase), and the telecommunications and postal regulatory authority (l'authorité de régulation des télécommunications et des postes - ARTP).

A former opposition figure, Faye was released from prison following a political amnesty along with his mentor, Ousmane Sonko, less than two weeks before the March 24, 2024 election. He campaigned on promises to wipe out corruption and reform the economy.