Chief Financial Officer of Air France-KLM, Frederic Gagey, has said that he expects to start talks with manufacturers in 2019 about renewing its short-haul fleet. Gagey made the comments during a conference call to report the holding company's first quarter results.

"On short haul, today, we have a fleet of A320s and B737s. These fleet are not yet to be phased out. Clearly, we have to think about what can be the options for the renewal in the long term of the short-haul fleet. And our plan is to open some discussion with the two manufacturers by probably the end or the middle of 2019," Gagey said, according to a Seeking Alpha transcript of the call.

Gagey also said that he is waiting to know what future plans Boeing (BOE, Washington National) and Airbus (AIB, Toulouse Blagnac) have for their single-aisle aircraft.

"We have not yet, I think, the clear picture of what will be the short-haul offer by the industry for the year between 2025 and 2030 or 2035. And, clearly, when you look at the fleet plan replacement, it will be something quite long."