Originair (Nelson, NZ) has temporarily suspended its flights between Nelson, NZ and New Plymouth, one of its two remaining scheduled domestic services in New Zealand. It will continue to operate between Nelson and Palmerston North on a 4x weekly basis.

The 144-nautical mile (267-kilometre) service started in 2017, and will not operate again until the NZD27 million dollar (USD17 million) terminal at New Plymouth is opened next year. Referring to the airline's website, the last flight on sale between the two cities is on December 6.

Talking to stuff.co.nz, Robert Inglis, Managing Director of Originair, said that the regional carrier's flights to the airport had been impacted by Jetstar Airways' decision to withdraw its services to regional New Zealand at the end of November. The low-cost carrier was serving New Plymouth from Auckland International with 14x weekly flights.

"Their handling company, Swissport, has carried out check-in and tarmac services for both Jetstar and Originair," said Inglis. "This Swissport service will also be terminating at the end of this month when Jetstar services cease."

"This affects Originair's operations at our North Island airports, resulting in the airline needing to recruit and train our own staff."

"[We] have initially engaged staff at Palmerston North and will do likewise at New Plymouth and Napier/Hastings in the future. At New Plymouth, we plan to coincide this step with the opening of the new terminal early next year."

According to a statement on the airline's website, it is also suspending its services at Napier, and again until new facilities are available. "Originair would like to advise passengers wishing to travel to or from New Plymouth and Napier that we are planning to reinstate our services to these destinations to coincide with the opening of the new terminal buildings in New Plymouth and Napier."