The Spanish Council of Ministers has authorised the Ministry of Defence to proceed with the purchase of three A330-200s from Iberia and covert them into A330-200(MRTT) multi-role transport/tanker (MRTT) aircraft at an estimated total cost of EUR810 million euros (USD935 million).

EUR181 million (USD210 million) has been earmarked for the purchase this year. Aside from the widebody jets, the purchase includes thirty-six H135s (half of which will be operated by the Ministry of Interior) and four H160s for the Ministry of Interior from Airbus Helicopters. The government estimates the acquisition will create 800 additional jobs with the conversion to take place at Madrid Getafe airport.

According to the ch-aviation fleets advanced module, Iberia operates eighteen A330-200s, which are just 4.3 years old on average. The airline owns eleven aircraft, while the remaining seven are dry-leased from CALC (three), Aergo Capital (two), SMBC Aviation Capital, and Tokyo Century (one each).

The Spanish Air Force/Ejército del Aire does not currently operate any tanker jet aircraft, although some of its ten A400Ms and Lockheed Herculeses have refuelling capabilities. The force's fleet of large aircraft comprises two A310-300s used for strategic transport.