GLOBALX (G6, Miami International) has posted a job ad for B717-200 pilots and is looking to add ten ex-Volotea (V7, Asturias) aircraft of the type, Dutch aviation news site Scramble has reported.

The charter specialist is seeking pilots type rated on either the B717 or MD80 Family aircraft for "the initial cadre for the B717" fleet. It did not provide any further details regarding service entry dates for the type, its fleet size, or prospective bases.

Sources indicated that the airline is likely to lease ten ex-Volotea B717s from BCC Equipment Leasing. The Spanish carrier retired all aircraft of the type in 2021 to focus on its A320 Family fleet going forward. The ch-aviation fleets ownership module shows Boeing's in-house lessor owns thirteen ex-Volotea B717s, currently in storage at Victorville. Volotea continues to own four more stored at each of Ciudad Real (three) and Verona (one).

The ch-aviation fleets advanced module shows that the B717s remain in operation with just three airlines: Delta Air Lines (88 units), Hawaiian Airlines (20), and Cobham Aviation Services Australia - Airline Services (19).

Last year, Air Flo Airlines outlined plans to launch scheduled passenger flights using three B717s sourced by its backer, AVi8 Air Capital. AVi8's chief executive is Edward Wegel who is also GLOBALX's chairman and CEO.

GLOBALX did not respond to ch-aviation's request for comment. It currently operates six A320-200s and one A321-200.