Air Arabia (G9, Sharjah) is about to take delivery of two A321-200s, its first aircraft of the type.

N229WG (msn 7903) and N228WG (msn 7879), 4.9- and a 4.8-year-old jets, both formerly operated by Interjet and owned by Wings Capital Partners, were ferried from Kaunas via Oslo Gardermoen to Erfurt on August 11 and 12, respectively. They remain registered in the US but have already been repainted into Air Arabia's livery. The Emirati low-cost carrier did not respond to ch-aviation's request for comment about the two jets' service entry dates nor has it filed schedules for the type.

Air Arabia's current fleet comprises forty-one A320-200s, and six A321-200NX. It has an additional 120 A320neo Family generation aircraft, comprising mostly A320-200Ns (73 units), on order from Airbus. Its Air Arabia Abu Dhabi subsidiary operates a further three A320-200s, Air Arabia Egypt - four A320s, and Air Arabia Maroc - nine A320s.