Phoenix Aviation (Kenya) (Nairobi Wilson) has been given the go-ahead by the Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority to operate chartered passenger and cargo flights to China. New owner, Hong Kong-listed Frontier Services Group’s (FSG) told Kenya's BusinessDaily that the company was targeting Chinese mining firms with operations in Africa as major clients for its logistics services.

“It opens up new destinations in Asia for Phoenix Aviation’s specialised medical evacuation services,” FSG added.

Among the most lucrative routes to be served will be transporting oil and mining companies' staff, machinery and spare parts to remote areas such as Lokichar and Lokichoggio in the country's Turkana province. On the back of talks with Chinese petroleum firms, FSG plans to have a fleet of 25 aircraft delivered to Kenya by year-end to offer specialised aviation services, including aerial survey of installations such as oil pipelines.

Having acquired a 49% stake in aviation and logistics provider, Kijipwa Aviation, last year, Frontier Service Group Ltd then moved to invest USD14million in Phoenix Aviation in April.