Greenland Express (Aalborg) CEO Gert Brask is reportedly keen to sell off his start-up just days ahead of the project's anticipated June 17 launch. Reports in the Danish press quote a post from Brask's own social media page as saying:

"Today I took a decision that after 3 years of hard struggle, lots of hassle from the press and a lot of negative people in Greenland and Denmark, that now I just want out of the Greenland Express project as soon as possible so I'm selling [it to] the first and best company showing the correct interest and which will lead the company forward in the Greenlandic spirit..."

The Greenlandic start-up has yet to officially comment on the posting.

Brask's project has indeed suffered numerous set backs in its quest to launch operations. An initial 2013 launch date fell through when investors Silver Tiger Aviation and Delta Capita failed to come up with the required funding. Then, in the last few weeks, the start-up was forced to postpone its official unveiling after it encountered numerous bureaucratic delays in its bid to secure a wet-leased Fokker 100 from Denim Air ACMI (G6, Amsterdam Schiphol).