HAC - Hokkaido Air System (NTH, Hakodate) has once more returned to being a subsidiary of JAL - Japan Airlines (JL, Tokyo Haneda) after the latter successfully increased its stake in the carrier from 14.5% to 51.2% late last week. JAL secured additional shares in HAC from the Hokkaido prefecture government as well as companies based there.

"With the success of this acquisition, JAL will support HAC to improve its sales performance and further strengthen its management competence as well," JAL said. "After becoming a subsidiary of JAL, HAC will continually strive to be the most preferred and reliable regional airline in Hokkaido."

HAC was a subsidiary of JAL up until March 2011 when bankruptcy forced it to dispose of its majority stake in the Hakodate-based airline.

Using a fleet of three Saab 340Bs, HAC operates flights linking Rishiri, Kushiro, Misawa, Hakodate, Okushiri, and Sapporo Okadama.