Swedish trade unions Seko and ST have announced they will undertake their own industrial action against Ryanair (FR, Dublin Int'l) in support of their counterparts at the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions (Landsorganisationen i Danmark - LO). Following a collapse in their latest round of talks with the Irish carrier, the LO said it would undertake strikes against Ryanair at its Copenhagen Kastrup base on July 18 followed by Billund and Aarhus on July 23.

Sweden's Local newspaper says Seko and ST will boycott luggage-handling and refueling services to Ryanair flights being redirected to Swedish airports as a result of the strikes in Denmark.

Ryanair CEO has warned in recent weeks that any industrial action against his airline would also result in the closure of its Billund base, home to two Ryanair B737-800s. The LCC has already signalled the closure of its Copenhagen base with effect from July 14.

“Then we would have to close Billund, even if we don’t want to. Copenhagen is more important to us than Billund, even if we love Billund dearly. I’ve been to Legoland myself,” he was quoted by the Financial Times.

Ryanair is appealing a Danish Labour Court (Arbejdsretten) ruling which allows the LO to take industrial action against it. The LO's objection to the carrier stems from its unwillingness to negotiate a Collective Labour Agreement, governed by Danish law, with the Danish Services Union which, through the Danish Flight Personnel Union (FPU), organises pilots and cabin crew.