Nordic Airport Coordinators, the entity responsible for the allocation of slots at airports in Scandinavia, has awarded Ryanair (FR, Dublin Int'l) four takeoff and landing slots at Oslo Gardermoen airport ahead of the start of the upcoming summer 2016 season.

Norway's Aftenposten newspaper said last week that the Irish LCC has until the end of the month to confirm its plans for the slots, three of which would be used for a 3x daily return service to London Stansted with the other to be used for flights to Vilnius. If taken up, the allocations would be valid from the end of March onwards.

At present, Ryanair's Oslo operations focus primarily on its Oslo Rygge base with Oslo Torp serving a secondary role. For its part, Oslo Gardermoen is currently a large base for rival LCC Norwegian (DY, Oslo Gardermoen).