Russia and Tajikistan have agreed to maintain commercial air traffic between the two countries through November 8.

Earlier, Russian and Tajik media outlets had alluded to a dispute over Tajikistan's unwillingness to recognize the newly commissioned Russian international airport of Zhukovsky as eligible for commercial flights as specified under the terms of the Russia-Tajikistan Air Services Agreement. Moscow had reportedly threatened to suspend flights between the two former Soviet republics from November 8 if Dushanbe refused to budge on its position.

However, Russia's Ria news agency reports that in light of the economic damage any such embargo would do to its economy, Tajikistan has agreed to Russia's demands. As such, Ural Airlines (U6, Ekaterinburg) will be allowed to start a 2x weekly Ramenskoye to Dushanbe and Khudzhand service later this month.